Christian Codenotti

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Christian Codenotti

Songs as vocalist


Go 2

Scream Team

Melissa White & Ace

Bamboo Bimbo

Go 2 feat. Andrea Martongelli

SCP All Stars

Ace & Elly

Ace & Pamsy

Ace & Seastar

Ace & The Snake

Ace Feat. La Gatta

Ace feat. Brubell Girls And Child Choir

Ace feat. La Gatta



Go 2 & Christine

Go 2 & DJ Boss

Go 2 Feat. Andrea Martongelli

Grace 2U

Jager feat. Ace

Kiki & Fancy


Lisa & Ace

Lucya & Ace

Lucya feat. Ace

Pamsy & Ace

SEB All Stars Feat. DJ Boss