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Welcome to ParaParaWiki!

ParaParaWiki is soon to be the most comprehensive resource on Para dancing and music — maintained by the community, for the community.

Here you'll find information on:

Eventually we will also add information on clubs, events, dancers, and even dance moves.

Would you like to contribute?

  • This document contains guidelines for how to build pages for this wiki.
  • To start new pages on individual songs, use the song template. For an example, look at Night of Fire.
  • Some things we need at the moment are:
    • Video links to YouTube (or other sites)
      • We ask that you please do not include material that has been uploaded without permission.
        We are linking to Avex's and SEBofficial's channels whenever possible, as well as the official channels for Starfire and SEN, and Eurobeat Stadium.
        Remember, refilms are always okay!
    • Overall overviews of ParaPara and TechPara dancing
    • Anything TraPara-related (videos, albums, songs, etc.)
      • Check out our overview article on TraPara! Thank you Zacc!
    • Artist info (biographical things, personal website, etc.)
    • Club info (history, location, what events they have)
    • Game info (games that have featured ParaPara, i.e. PPP and DanEvo, or games that have had songs with ParaPara routines)
    • Label info (whatever seems relevant)
    • Circle info (your circle here!)
    • International compilations and events
    • Transliteration and translation of Japanese text wherever possible
    • Anything else you think is missing!
    • If you know how to write scripts for MediaWiki, there are a few things we could use help automating. Get in touch with us if so.
  • If you see an error in one of the pages, please consider signing up and fixing it! A lot of the data on this site was automatically generated, so there will be errors. For example, there are many TechPara/Hyper Techno songs classified as ParaPara/Eurobeat, and some vice-versa. You might also notice two separate pages for the same songs — feel free to merge them as long as they really have the same song title and artist.
  • The awesome folks at PARAPARA.DANCE have partnered with us and added a place on their site to link to ParaParaWiki! PARAPARA.DANCE is a site where you can track which routines you've learned, so you can sign up there to link things together!

Remember, anyone from the community is welcome to contribute to this site, so if there's something you think should be there, please add it!


The following pages are excellent sources of information that we're using to build our own resource, so we'd like to credit and thank them here. If you can't find what you're looking for here, consider looking on one of these sites (and then adding the info here if you find it).

  • Our videos are being collected from a number of channels, but we'd like to give special thanks to these channels:
  • Eurobeat Prime
  • ParaParaMania
    • This has a number of albums that aren't on this site yet but we'll be adding them as we go (or you can add them yourself).
    • This site, run by ParaHokan, is the original source for the vast majority of the video info on ParaParaWiki. He's recently made his site available outside Japan and has already been helpful in clarifying some of our information, so we'd like to credit and thank him here specifically!
  • RemyWiki
    • Source for information about on songs that have appeared in rhythm games.
  • ParaParaLovers
    • Collected information on who danced on many videos.