Breakin' Out (Ace)

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Breakin' Out / Ace

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Ace
Vocalist(s): Christian Codenotti
Writer(s): Stefano Castagna, Christian Codenotti, Evelina Somenzi
Producer(s): Stefano Castagna
Label(s): SCP



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I'm alright
Ready for the night
I've got to keep on movin' to the rhythm

I'm okay
I can feel no pain
Don't wanna see you wastin' away

So you can bend your mouth
Or get to scream it all out
But you can feel it (Feel it)
Feel it (Feel it)
I will be back in time
Get myself together
And find a way to get thru to you

Breakin' out my baby
Tell me are you ready?
Tonight I'm burnin' for you, go crazy
Breakin' out my baby
Now you got me steady
I got the fire down inside

Never look
What you cannot stop
My freedom call is dancin' to the limit
Boogie down
Shake your body 'round
Don't keep all night your feet on the ground