Adrenaline (Ace)

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Adrenaline / Ace

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Ace
Vocalist(s): Christian Codenotti
Writer(s): Stefano Castagna, Christian Codenotti, Ferdinand Lehr, Evelina Somenzi
Producer(s): Stefano Castagna
Label(s): SCP



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Body feels like lava flowin'
Hard adrenaline
Rushin' though the pain and squeezing
Power's runnin' in my veins

Fight or flight
And my mind turns crazy
It's time to do or die
Fear thunders in my heart and I, and I

Energy, a heart explosion
All I need, adrenaline
Never stop to is in my mind
Fire away, adrenaline

Rollercoaster of emotion
I just need adrenaline
Setting all the worlds afire
Energy, adrenaline

It's no game, we're messin' 'round with
Hard adrenaline
Waste a wave of hungry feelings
Just bring out the best in me