Gotta Go

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Gotta Go / Go 2

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Go 2
Vocalist(s): Ennio Zanini, Christian Codenotti
Writer(s): Stefano Castagna, Christian Codenotti, Evelina Somenzi
Producer(s): Stefano Castagna
Label(s): SCP



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I've been a hunter for ecstasy
The scream inside i gotta go go go
Flashin imaginary you & me
Fire dancin

Is this freedom
I don't care
Shake the dust
Right off my hair
Wind of change now blow in my life away!

Gotta go, fly to my destiny
Baby feel a thrill in the spine tonight
Gotta go, shapin' my history
Come along, baby run, gotta go
Gotta go, what is my mystery
Flowin thru my heart, in my mind tonight
Gotta go, you feel the way i feel
Come along, baby run, gotta go, gotta go

The sky is open wide for you and me
Imagination, gotta go go go
Never the same it's comin rain or shine
Free and so high