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Dynamo / Oscillator X

Song Information

Genre: Techno
Artist: Oscillator X
Vocalist(s): Kyle Ward, John Mendenhall
Writer(s): Kyle Ward, John Mendenhall
Producer(s): Kyle Ward, John Mendenhall
Label(s): SCI Recordings



International Videos

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Other Appearances

  • Appears in Step Revolution's ReRave and StepManiaX
  • Appears in Positive Gaming's iDance 2


If you feel it in your heart
Let's take it to the stars
Tonight, alright
We only get one chance
Leave the world behind

I can see it in your eyes
Let Go, reach for the skies
Tonight, let's fly
They'll never keep us down
Everybody sing it now

Dum dum doodie do dum dum
Dum dum doodie do dum dum
Da di da di

No looking back, don't turn around
Show the world the love we've found
Tonight, alright
We only get one chance
It's our time to shine

So full of energy
A dynamo for the world to see
Tonight, is our night
Hands up in the air
Everybody singing now

Come with me
Feel the beat
Let the music set you free

One last night
For you and I
C'mon leave the world behind

Put your hands up in the air
Let the music be your prayer
A ritual for us to share