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StepManiaX is an arcade dance game made by Step Revolution. The soundtrack is notable for including many classic eurobeat licenses with existing para routines. Some songs even have references to existing routines, or para para videos that the songs have also appeared in.

Songs in StepManiaX with known para routines
Title Artist Date Added
Burning Tonight Krystal 1/6/2017
Don't Stop My Music Tonight David Dima 1/6/2017
Dream a Dream Captain Jack 1/6/2017
Dynamo Oscillator X 1/6/2017
Ready to Fly Aleky 1/6/2017
Boom Boom Dollars (Factory Team Eurotrance Mix) King Kong & D.Jungle Girls 2/15/2020
Feels Just Like That Night Eskimo & Icebird 2/15/2020
Ari Oh (Factory Team Eurobeat Mix) Jenny Kee 4/2/2020
Beautiful Man (The Eurobeat Remix) Radiorama 4/2/2020
Bumble Bee Bambee 4/2/2020
Never Gonna Make Morgana 4/2/2020
Dance Boom Boom Tipsy & Tipsy 5/6/2020
Flash in the Night Flashman 5/6/2020
Hero Miss Papaya 5/6/2020
Senorita (Speedy Mix) Jenny Rom 5/6/2020
Young Forever Rebecca 5/6/2020
A Sign (Factory Eurobeat Team Mix) Tipsy & Tipsy 6/17/2020
Justify My Love Tess 6/17/2020
Movin' On Ellen Gee 6/17/2020
Pink Dinosaur Miss Papaya 6/17/2020
Bye Bye Baby Balloon Joga 7/24/2020
Dam Dariram Joga 7/24/2020
Fantasy Melissa 8/26/2020
I Want Your Balalaika Mad Cow and the Royal Eurobeat Orchestra of Bazookistan feat. the Supertroyka Girls 9/30/2020
Sky High Lucyfer 10/29/2020
I'm Crazy for Your Love Black Eva 11/28/2020
No Nobody's Love Joga 11/28/2020
Bazookistan Mad Cow & the Royal Eurobeat Orchestra 12/20/2020
My Generation (Fat Beat Mix) Captain Jack 12/20/2020
Nori Nori Nori Judy Crystal 12/20/2020
Do It All Night (2003 Mix) E-Rotic 2/26/2021
Baby Love Me Judy Crystal 3/29/2021
Cartoon Heroes (Speedy Mix) Barbie Young 5/28/2021
Queen of Light E-Rotic 6/28/2021