Shine Forever

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Shine Forever / Lilibeth

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Lilibeth
Vocalist(s): Elena Scappini
Writer(s): Stefano Castagna, Christian Codenotti, Evelina Somenzi
Producer(s): Stefano Castagna
Label(s): SCP



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Dream of all my dreams
Nothing can take away your smile
Nothing can change my love for you
Burnin' inside, forever shine

Baby now
All the best things in my life
Will never do
In my soul
I got no control over what I feel for you

Shine forever
You're like a diamond in my heart
Even the darkest night
Will surrender to your light
Shine forever
You love's so precious in my life
I'll never be the one
Cloudin' up your sunny sky
Shine forever

Thrill me up again
I know I'm easy to destroy
I know you'll never be so blind
To let me down, forever shine