Young & Wild

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Young & Wild / Fastway

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Fastway
Vocalist(s): Ennio Zanini
Writer(s): Stefano Castagna, Evelina Somenzi
Producer(s): Stefano Castagna
Label(s): SCP



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When my mind is in danger
You got the power to set me free
Like a beautiful stranger
Burning for love

You got the world on fire
You got them dance around your feet
And when you're feelin' higher
You can run to me

Got to be yound and wild boy
Burnin' fever, we're dancing the night away
Got to be young and wild boy
Together again, tonight and forever

Gettin' wilder and wilder
Deep in the night we can break away
Run the streets of desire
Down in my heart

Strike out the darkness
Remember the passion my love dreams

Night angel
You walk around the sky
Take me to your heaven, now
Angel of passion the king of my loving affections
My star!!!!

Close into your eyes
A really dream, a light of love desire
Angel of the night
Give me the passion take my heart on fire