You Got Me Boom! Boom!

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You Got Me Boom! Boom! / Tora

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Tora
Vocalist(s): Roberta Granà
Writer(s): Andrea Leonardi
Producer(s): Andrea Leonardi
Label(s): Sinclairestyle




Boom! boom! baby
I'm your lady
And it's crazy you're the one
Oh my darling
Please don't stop it
Please go on and keep it up!

I just can't believe
I just can't resist
I don't wanna be without your love
No matter the price
No matter the spice
I'm gonna be ready for your goal

You got me boom! boom! like a lion
You need to push push down and right on
You get me begging you for more
Baby I'm on fire! ooh!

It's amazing
How you fit in
And I want it deep inside
And your moving
Back and forth yeah
I did not expect this much