Vintage Story Vol. 2

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Video Information

Type: International
Series: Disco NRG
Format: DVD

Previously presented as "Vintage Story Vol. 2 and Maniac Fiesta Mini," the video re-premiered on YouTube in 2020 as only the Vintage Story segment. The new upload is higher quality. but lacks the original opening and closing. The video was edited by D-Tan and mixing was done by ZYX. Dancers featured include J's/Jayzu, D-Tan, Cigy, Stevie, Alex/Densetsu13, and Tony.

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Track list

  1. I Want Your Sex / King Kobra
  2. Dancing in Maharaja / Tri-Star
  3. I'll Kiss You / Jeff Driller
  4. Danger / Franz Tornado
  5. Cha Cha Cha Cha / Valentina
  6. Everyday / Dr's Girl
  7. I Love Spaghetti / Valentina & Mirka
  8. Give Me Five / Domino
  9. Move Your Hands in the Air Tonight / Niki Niki
  10. In the Heat of the Night / Jilly
  11. Killer in New York / Dr. Money
  12. Step Into My Heart / Kate & Karen