Tonight (Delta Queens)

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Tonight / Delta Queens

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Delta Queens
Vocalist(s): Clara Moroni, Daniela Rando
Writer(s): Giordano Foglia, Clara Moroni
Producer(s): Laurent Gelmetti Newfield
Label(s): Delta Music Industry



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Something wrong with you today
Something wrong into your eyes
I see things in different ways
'Cause we're living on the edge

Crazy, crazy, it'll never be the same
This kind of love
Maybe, maybe, I am the one to blame

Tonight, tonight, you can't deny it again
I'm right, I'm right, somebody else's on your mind
Tonight, tonight, you are the reason I live
Or I did I just wanna break down and cry

Something wrong with you today
Everybody knows it's wrong
Your love turned me to a slave
And we're living on the edge