Thanks to My Fans

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Thanks to My Fans / Mega NRG Man

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Mega NRG Man
Vocalist(s): Tomas Marin
Writer(s): Giancarlo Pasquini, Tomas Marin
Producer(s): Giancarlo Pasquini
Label(s): A-Beat C



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Take your imagination
And feel the new sensation
Time to hold me tight
The music of your heartbeat
Can bring me up to start it
Sing with me tonite
Oh baby

No one can be as you
When you are supporting me .... fantastic!
How many times we got joy & fun

I wanna thanks to my fans
Our friendship never ends
Here I come again for my friends
We can sing this song together right now

Above your destination
There is a new vibration
Sing this song tonite
The rhythm of your heartbeat
Discover your exiting
Sing with me tonite
Oh baby