Take Me Higher (Dave Rodgers)

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Take Me Higher / Dave Rodgers

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Dave Rodgers
Vocalist(s): Giancarlo Pasquini
Writer(s): Giancarlo Pasquini, Jennifer Batten, Alberto Contini
Producer(s): Giancarlo Pasquini, Alberto Contini
Label(s): A-Beat C



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I can't live without your love me honey
You better believe me and try to keep me
In your arms, As you know baby

Experience of love, I'll give you honey
You're teasing me softly with your body
In this way, You're so hot my girl

I try to remember the season of love
I try to remain in your soul
I don't wanna lose you. You know what I mean
I wanna declare all my love

Then I'll tell you baby take me higher
Caused I need your love into my soul
Wanna tell you take me take me higher
Gonna be your man and I give you my love

I opened my heart and Found a will world
So nothing can change my mind but you girl
Help me now. 'Cause you can save my soul