Superdance (Vicky Vale)

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Superdance / Vicky Vale

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Vicky Vale
Vocalist(s): Clara Moroni
Writer(s): Andrea Leonardi
Producer(s): Andrea Leonardi
Label(s): Sinclairestyle



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Super superdance, super super disco
Disco disco disco

Never had a change, never had a
dancefloor to ride
Dance floor, dance floor, dance floor.
But now at least, but now so fast
You decide to come
Get down push me breakdown best
I will cann and spell your name

Super super dance a superdance
And we'll always be flying higher
Super super fans a super fans
And we'll always be right!

Going, going on, going, going
drumming on me
drumming drumming drumming

Never feel alone, never send the dj to

Dj Dj Dj