Show Me (Debbie)

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Show Me / Debbie

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Debbie
Writer(s): , T.Moran, A.Cabrera,
Label(s): Digibeat / Chapter One



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You say that you really love me
I'm always on your mind
And you say that I should be your lover
And we should spend some time
Well I'm not persuaded that quickly
My heart has been broken before, you see
So if you want to be my lover
You'll have to prove your love is true to me

'Cause it's easy
To tell me you love me
Easy to say
You're thinkin' of me
Words are so easy to say

Show me, show me you really love me
Actions speak louder than words
Show me, show me you really need me
'Cause all those lies I've already heard
Show me, show me you really love me
Let me believe that it's true
Show me, show me you really need me
Now I'll get together with you

You say that there is no other
I am the only one
And you say that if we were lovers
We would have so much fun
But my mother warned me
That I should beware of young boys
Saying things like you say
So I must be sure that if I give you my love
You won't take it and then run away