Seventeen (Bambee)

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Seventeen / Bambee

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Bambee
Vocalist(s): Desir
Writer(s): English: Gary Pearlman
Producer(s): Desir
Label(s): Music, Media Management/House of Scandinavia



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Other Appearances

  • Appears in Konami's Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix and Dance Maniax 2nd Mix Append J-Paradise


All alone upon the shore,
We sit together in the calm of the summer breeze.
I move in a little closer
And I slip my arm in yours.

The sun shines bright upon the ocean waters,
There until the glow of the evening
Sweep me up like the waves and hold me tight in your arms,
Tell me that you love me too.

Knowing that you care
Makes me feel alive

Underneath the summer sky
We sit in silence in the warmth of the midday sun.
With my head upon your shoulder
I melt into your embrace.

The birds fly high above the ocean waters,
There until the hush of the evening
Take me up like the tide, I'll always stay by your side,
Love me the way I love you.

Knowing that you care
Makes me feel alive

Our love is deeper than the ocean waters,
Kiss me till the turn of the evening,
Like the sand needs the sea, your heart belongs here with me.
Love me like I love you.

Knowing you love me
I feel so alive