Rock'n'roll Emulation

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Rock'n'roll Emulation / Nando feat. The Prophet

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Nando feat. The Prophet
Vocalist(s): Fernando Bonini, Fausto Guio
Writer(s): Giordano Foglia, Andrea Leonardi
Producer(s): Andrea Leonardi
Label(s): Sinclairestyle



Maniac Videos


I saw them dressing like a heavy metal band
and even more
I saw them acting like a heavy rock militia

Then I heard their sweet and lovely songs
I heard their beat to come along hey! hey!
But what the hell is that ?
It's like a wannabe bes jam and I'm full of...

Rock'n' roll emulation in dance tunes
Rock'n' roll imitation in trance rules
Everyone wanna be a rocker
Everyone plays guitar
I'm full of...

They rented all the best musicians of
the music market now
They wanted to be tough and
make the sound more rocky