Paradise (Lisa Johnson)

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Paradise / Lisa Johnson

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Lisa Johnson
Vocalist(s): Clara Moroni
Writer(s): Laurent Gelmetti Newfield, Sergio Dall'Ora, Clara Moroni
Producer(s): Giacomo Maiolini, Sergio Dall'Ora
Label(s): Time Records



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Your close and still away I wanna make your days
So listen what I say

I know the warm you give without it I can't live
You are the one I believe

In my rainy days you are the sunshine
Take my all the way in a place fine
And safe there to say

Take me to your paradise
I'm a prisoner of love inside
You take me to your paradise
Push me down and fool me around
I know the right way to your paradise
We can be just anything
We wanna be into your paradise
Don't let go down don't lose your love
We gonna break through in your paradise

Sometime sit gets so hard I'm ready for the fall
I'll write it on the wall

I want you be by my side you have to be my guide
And make me feel good inside