Only You (Virgin)

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Only You / Virgin

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Virgin
Vocalist(s): Clara Moroni
Writer(s): G.Pegoraro, Gianfranco Bortolotti, Mauro Farina
Producer(s): Giacomo Maiolini
Label(s): Time Records



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All that I can do
When I got you in my mind
Is can't stop lovin' you

Uh uh chains around my heart
I can't lose your feeling baby
Why you are so far?
Honey uh uh

Only you all your world around me
Kiss me too!
Just for you the best is yet to come now
Love me too baby

Only you give me that sensation
Whisper words of fire oh oh
Only you give me hot vibration
For my loving nights oh oh

I have promised you
That we'll be so fine together
I am changing you baby

When you're feelin' blue
You can think about my love
And that my wish is true yeah

Everytime that I see you baby
Kiss me too
Hold me tight nothing's gonna stop me
Love me too darling