One Night in Rio

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One Night in Rio / E.C. James

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: E.C. James
Vocalist(s): Claudio Magnani
Writer(s): Sergio Dall'Ora, Clara Moroni
Producer(s): Giacomo Maiolini, Sergio Dall'Ora
Label(s): Time Records



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Dancing to the beat, here is my desire
You've got to start because my heart's on fire
I won't let you down, body to the action
You're dancing, screaming, givin' satisfaction

A Rio
You can believe in me, so easily
A Rio
I got the power baby, be my lady

Give me one night in Rio
Like it will never be
Give me one night in Rio
It's my desire, don't be (a) liar
Give me one night in Rio
You'll be my lucky star
Give me one night in Rio
I will never find myself so far

Dancing to the beat, body stimulation
You give me crazy, lazy, hot sensation
Got to dance with me, taking my position
You will be ready for the celebration