Not for Money

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Not for Money / Chris

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Chris
Vocalist(s): Cristiana Cucchi, Andrea Delfino
Writer(s): Claudio Accatino, Federico Rimonti, Roberto Festari
Producer(s): Claudio Accatino, Federico Rimonti
Label(s): Hi-NRG Attack



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With a step by step
In a lonely night
I remind your words
That resound in brain

Keyboards fall
Under finger touch
But I'm growing up, beginner

Guitars scream
The curtain's opened
Band refrain, an old melody starts
Riff o' drum can overburden
Keep the beat on my crowd
... Three - Four !

Not for money
Satisfaction only for my honey
- Everybody ! ! ! -
Not for money
Old direction only, too much funny
- Strike and beat it ! ! ! -

Babe, I must admit
You were right once more
I feel good, so good
On my microphone

Audience made
That I am tonight
Special thanks to you, man