Natural Love

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Natural Love / Paki

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Paki
Vocalist(s): Miriam Cossar
Writer(s): Mauro Farina, Roberto Gabrielli, Osvaldo Pizzoli
Producer(s): Mauro Farina, Roberto Gabrielli
Label(s): Beaver Records / Beaver Music



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Boom, boom, I cannot stay without you
I need you, I need you, I need you
Boom, boom, it's like a mad desire
Now love me, now love me, my love

Go, go! I wanna see your body moving
Go, go! I wanna see you beware
Go, go! This is my time because you want me
And we're goning to fight, energetic night

Natural love, natural love
Tell me, tell me when I will be with you
Natural love, natural love
I'm just going crazy for you

Boom, boom, I cannot live without you
I want you, I want you, I want you
Boom, boom, I'm burning like a fire
Believe me, believe me, believe me