Let the People Say

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Let the People Say / Regina

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Regina
Vocalist(s): Stefania Martin
Writer(s): Davide Di Marcantonio, Luigi Stanga
Producer(s): Luigi Stanga, Davide Di Marcantonio
Label(s): Vibration



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Killing me softly baby
I need your poison in my veins
And tendeerly gimme love
You're like a virus in my brain

Together with we'll fly to heaven
Where there is no rain
And suddenly you will be a waken
You'll forget your pain

Love you for ever
Living together
We can share the heat
The only thing that we need tonight
Could be "to believe"

Stay, let the people say
You can renew my feelings
`Cause your love will set me free
Living in harmony, baby
Stay, let the people say
Oh baby can't you see my heart
Is thumpingto the beat
Living in harmony

You got to love me baby
I need your passion in my life
I wanna feel your love
Give you devotion every night