Let Your Body Love

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Let Your Body Love / Tipsy & Tipsy

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Tipsy & Tipsy
Vocalist(s): Melody Castellari
Writer(s): Mauro Farina, Giuliano Crivellente, Fabio Serra, Giovanni Di Martino
Producer(s): Mauro Farina, Giuliano Crivellente, Factory Team
Label(s): Asia Records



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Listen to my mind
You're running back in time
When I start to feel the navies
You be mine

Now I see the chills
So deep inside this game
Honey now you know
This love is not the shame

I wanna take you to my life
It's really hard, but you be looking so alone
If you just couldn't be so fly
Come on and feel the passion
That's growin' in you and me
You have to see it

Let your body love
This feeling more and more
Why don't you try to kiss me more
I feel it deep in my soul, woah - woah
I make you happy
Let your body love
We'll make it all night long
Come on there's nothing really wrong
I fend my love for your heart, woah - woah
You will be happy

Waiting all alone
The music in my dreams
Thinking oppurtunities
See me on my knees

Honey you're my treasure
You're my little divine
Living without you
It wouldn't be so fine