Japanese Lover

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Japanese Lover / Lara

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Lara
Vocalist(s): Antonella Erbini
Writer(s): Mauro Farina, Roberto Gabrielli, Osvaldo Pizzoli
Producer(s): Mauro Farina, Roberto Gabrielli, Factory Team
Label(s): Asia Records




Tell me why you're always on my mind
Why why, show me another way, my guy
And I'll be back to you

Time goes by, the day turns into night
Bye bye, if you can feel the same, my guy
Then I'll come back to you

We are going crazy tonight
Won't stop until the morning comes
And we're gonna feel it alright
You and me just another day another night

A supper with a "Japanese lover"
The sweetest owner of my heart
Over and over this love and this melody

Japanese lover
I wanna hold you in my arms
You're mine forever
You're always my fantasy

Love me now, you're always on my mind
Ah ah, you'll never get away, my guy
'Cause I believe in you