Japan Japan (Alphatown)

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Japan Japan / Alphatown

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Alphatown
Vocalist(s): Mauro Farina
Writer(s): Mauro Farina, Giuliano Crivellente
Producer(s): Mauro Farina, Giuliano Crivellente, Florian Fadinger
Label(s): Asia Records



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Looking a groove to see the world
Like a Tokyo city
What is the colour
Of your moon of great Japan
I'm under the sun
So we can dance in to your
Beating Land of magic mystic world

I love the Geisha
I wanna kick the feel inside me
I'm in you ride because
I need you my Japan
Under the sun
I want to live in you forever
Calm it's broken on my heart

You are the key of heaven forever
Me and you always spend the night

Japan, Japan, Japan
Oh-oh, Japan, Japan, Japan
Japan, Japan, Japan
Oh-oh, Japan, Japan, Japan

I know you guys
Know the colour of the
Sunshine Oriental sea,
If you have a fantasy Japan
You are in my dream
So I can get enough
Of you
My heart will stay for you, Japan