Jammin' Spanish Men

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Jammin' Spanish Men / Cindy

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Cindy
Vocalist(s): Andrea Delfino
Writer(s): Claudio Accatino, Federico Rimonti, Roberto Festari
Producer(s): Claudio Accatino, Federico Rimonti
Label(s): Hi-NRG Attack



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It's money day, sunny day
Gonna wait for the bus
Another stranger's come to my town, yeah

And 41, 42
Loving one more and more
Too many guys are ready for pleasure

I need to DQ do it like a macho man
I want to jack you, hit me like Superman
Come on and touch my body, all together
Take my rhythm, take me away

Jammin' Spanish Men
Don't you feel my reaction?
Give me all your might
Give me more temptation

Jammin' Spanish Men
Crazy heartbeat for my lovin'
Never ask me why
Take my sexy night
Jammin' Spanish Men