I Need a Revolution

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I Need a Revolution / Marko

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Marko
Vocalist(s): Corrado Beretta
Writer(s): Maurizio Capaldi, Matteo Rizzi, Silvio Moretti, Luca Torchiani
Producer(s): Maurizio Capaldi
Label(s): Delta Music Industry




When everything is like a game
And you come back to be my flame
You know
I loose control, I wanna feel you everywhere you go

Now I'm driving, to my desire
We start to live it's a rocking night
And I want to be the king, just follow me, all right

I need a revolution baby
And we could be the stars forever
Keep the music alive
I'm still on the line
Your body is like a pretty danger

Never forget the way to say
That you are my mine and feel again
My love
The music play, your boss is ready everytime you want