I Need Your Love (Dave Simon)

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I Need Your Love / Dave Simon

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Dave Simon
Vocalist(s): Simone Valeo
Writer(s): Luca Pernici, Lucio Boiardi Serri, Giordano Gambogi, Stefano Marcato
Producer(s): Giacomo Maiolini, Sergio Dall'Ora
Label(s): Time Records



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And every time I walk
And every time I see your face
In the night

I try to be alone
But I can't stop myself today
Think you're mine

Move your body
To the end of time
I go crazy
Thinking about you

I need your love
'Cause I'm on fire
I need your love
Come on run to me
I need your love
I'm getting higher and higher!
Gonna be so free

I need to feel your heart
I need to show you I'm the one
For you now

I'm gonna find the way
To tell you what to do my love
Here somehow