I Belong to You (Stephy)

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I Belong to You / Stephy

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Stephy
Vocalist(s): Stefania Martin
Writer(s): Davide Di Marcantonio
Producer(s): Davide Di Marcantonio, Nuanchan Chanthawongsa
Label(s): Dima Music




When I look in your eyes, I feel this is not a pleasure
Make a dive in the light, wish me good luck for tonight
I can't stop loving you

My life is rollin' down one day
Don't make me cry 'cause I'm thinking "why"
I've always loved you in my life
Cause I belong to you

Don't you remember when we played the fantasy
I belong to you
Open your gate, this is just like a harmony
C'mon and set me free
Don't you forget all my for eternity
I belong to you

In Japan my lonely night
It was my destination
Break my heart now, stay together!
Love me now forever

Feel the sound of my heart, it's an illusion forever
Leave me now for the night, I can't stand your hand in mine
I can't stop loving you