Hyperbeat Tonight

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Hyperbeat Tonight / NRG Boys

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: NRG Boys
Vocalist(s): Marcel Van Den Belt, Eddy Kreischer, Danny Roosen
Writer(s): Andrea Leonardi, Danny Roosen, Eddy Kreischer, Marcel van den Belt
Producer(s): Andrea Leonardi, NRG Boys
Label(s): A-Beat C




Working night and day
Trouble on my way
Every night again
Where's the time to see you

Dream that it can be
Music on CD
With you on my mind
Never thought I'd get you

You know what I feel
You know what I mean
You know wht I run away so far

Don't leave me alone
Don't want you to go
Don't run from my dreams, and you'll get always...

Hyperbeat tonight
The moments of joy
All you need is sweet reflection
This crazy life of action and

Hyperbeat tonight
The key of success
In your futuristic living
That we will love forever

You're my melody
Babe can't you see
Now the time is right
Getting wild together