Greatest Lover

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Greatest Lover / HRG United

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: HRG United
Vocalist(s): Antonella Melone
Writer(s): Claudio Accatino, Federico Rimonti, Roberto Festari
Producer(s): Claudio Accatino, Federico Rimonti
Label(s): Hi-NRG Attack



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All the day I study
Only you on my mind
Don't divert me, babe

On the desk a photo
snapped against the sea
When we were together, eh

Remember, honey
The holiday nights
Lost in your marvel
Prending a queen tonight
I, very mazy,
Your ivory smile
Never quit my heart

You are the greatest lover
I won't forget you, babe
Take my time, because
You are the greatest lover
And then you don't...don't...don't quit my home tonight

If you wanna trust me
I won't disappoint
You, don't hurt me, babe

Take my hand and hold it
Make me touch your heart
Side by side forever, eh