God of Romance

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God of Romance / Judy Crystal

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Judy Crystal
Vocalist(s): Andrea Delfino
Writer(s): , G.Perlman
Producer(s): Davide Di Marcantonio, John Fireball
Label(s): Eurobeat Masters



Commercial Videos

Official Club Videos

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Watch Online

  • Appears at 51:19

Other Appearances

  • Appears in Konami's Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix and Dance Maniax 2nd Mix Append J-Paradise


What good is sittin' at home
All alone on the shelf?
If you want to find romance, you just got to find it yourself.
The someone I'm waiting for
Is somewhere waiting for me
So somewhere is the place I've really got to be.

There's lots of fish in the sea,
But you will need the right bait
To hook a tall and tan and young and handsome
Saturday mate.
So I'll go pick out a dress,
Something that's sexy but smart,
Gotta catch his eye to capture his heart.

Gotta make it easier to notice me there.
You may not get a second try
Mr. Right may be passin' you by.
Don't you sit and let him, get him,
Baby, While the gettin' is good.

Boy meets girl
It happens all the time,
Suddenly it hits you with no reason or rhyme.
Fall in love
Do you believe in miracles?
Listen to the god of romance.

I take this sexy young me
Into a trendy new club
Where all the young and rich and famous bring their elbows to rub 
But in the elegant throngs,
I feel my confidence sink,
I think I need a very alcoholic drink

So then I pour down a gin
And ask for more of the same.
I hear a gentle voice say "Thank you, ma'am, and what is your name?"
I pick my head off the bar 
And see him smiling at me 
And all at once I feel I own the earth and sea

Do you see the way that he looks into my eyes?
My heart is beating wild.
Says, "Here's your change", and touches my hand
Suddenly I'm reeling, feeling
Feelings I have never known.

Boy meets girl
Could happen anywhere
And before you know it, you are walking on air.
Fall in love
It's happy ever after
Listen to the god of romance

Boy meets girl
It happens every day
Sweeps into your life and then he sweeps you away
Fall in love
There's no way to resist it
Leave it to the god of romance.

I wandered out and checked my horoscope today
It said my lucky stars were out tonight
And that a person's gonna come into my life
And love me and be with me now,
tomorrow and then forever more
Oh yeah!

Boy meets girl
It happens all the time
Suddenly you're hearing bells beginning to chime.
Fall in love
You'll never be the same again
Following the god of romance.