Fire (Mega NRG Man)

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Fire / Mega NRG Man

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Mega NRG Man
Vocalist(s): Tomas Marin
Writer(s): Giancarlo Pasquini, Luigi Raimondi
Producer(s): Giancarlo Pasquini
Label(s): A-Beat C



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We made love all the time all right
But I feel lonely all through the night
Take me down to your soul be mine
And I get up all over your body

You get everything that you want
And everything that you needed me
I am the only one to
Get down everything that you wear
And close up of for your mind and now
You be my lover

Can't you see I'm burning alive
For all my desire
Babe I get close to you
I know that you love me

Higher love through my viens in time
Pulls up my energy for your body
Want to make in mine sweat get right
Your body beat turns me out my mind