Everyday Everynight (Elena Ferretti)

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Everyday Everynight / Elena Ferretti

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Elena Ferretti
Vocalist(s): Elena Ferretti
Writer(s): Roberto Gabrielli, S.Nagai, Claudio Magnani
Producer(s): Roberto Gabrielli
Label(s): Roberto Gabrielli



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Gimme the time to remember
gimme the time I don't want let you go
this is not time to surrender
I really wanna lose control so tonight stay with me

There is something that I don't want you to regret for facing in me your life were so empty
while my love was true and you
turned my days so blue and you,
you told me don't want to stay, please remain

Everyday, everynight I think of you babe you just stole my heart, and I 
Everyday, everynight I dream of you our love I’ll never forget
Everyday, everynight I think of you I don't want to feel me free, and I 
Everyday, everynight I dream of you Come on baby don't break my heart

Just someone help me believing
just help me now 'cause I'm losing control 
Don't think I got to forgive her
It’s a shame on me to say I was only for you