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Eurohero / Neo

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Neo
Vocalist(s): ''Neo''
Writer(s): Giancarlo Pasquini, Sandro Oliva
Producer(s): Giancarlo Pasquini, Sandro Oliva
Label(s): A-Beat C



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Make your body dancing like you know
Right on time you're moving on the floor
Shaking around the world

'Cause the night will burning higher
In your eyes I can see your love
You're gonna show me the way to move

Wo woa my Eurohero
Now you can take me far away
Wo woa c'mon Eurohero
I'll never let you go

Wo woa my Eurohero
Now we can't fly and get away
Wo woa c'mon Eurohero
Show me the way to dance

Shake your body & dance it like you know
Eurohero take me to the top
Take me around the world