Don't Forget (Paul Harris)

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Don't Forget / Paul Harris

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Paul Harris
Vocalist(s): Luca Torchiani
Writer(s): Maurizio Capaldi, Luca Torchiani
Producer(s): Maurizio Capaldi, Silvio Moretti
Label(s): Delta Music Industry



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You are the colour of my days
And the words that I can't say
When I see you drive my fantasy

How do you feel when you flash like a sunshine
Show me the way, you always can turn me on
To live my soul

Don't forget me life is telling to my heart
That you are the only super star
In every single day cause you take me higher

Hey! don't forget me you're my heart
And you are the desert up the stars
Please my baby don't run away cause you take me higher

You, like a killer of my heart
Full of love, we ride on time
I could stay around the eternity