Dark in the Night

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Dark in the Night / Maio & Co.

Song Information

Genre: Hyper Techno
Artist: Maio & Co.
Vocalist(s): Fernando Bonini
Writer(s): Sergio Dall'Ora, Laurent Gelmetti Newfield, F.Scandolari
Producer(s): Giacomo Maiolini
Label(s): Time Records



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Babe, I'm not another man
I can't wait any longer
Time to make up your mind
Maybe think you need a friend
I got something to show you
Make you feel the thunder

You are knocking at my door
But I can't give you more
What kind of passion
Get into action
Kissing you could be so good
Maybe a change of mood
Don't forget it have to do it

Dark in the night
You know I'm going straight for your heart
Dark in the night
No place for hiding made a move on you

Baby baby don't give up
I get my sights on you
Don't bet you can escape me
I don't want to be our friend
Cause I can do much better
Many things believe me