Dancing in My Dreams

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Dancing in My Dreams / J. Storm

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: J. Storm
Vocalist(s): Fabio Lione
Writer(s): Giancarlo Pasquini, Sandro Oliva, Fabio Tordiglione
Producer(s): Giancarlo Pasquini
Label(s): A-Beat C




I close my eyes
Wanna stay with you all time forever
So spread your wings and fly with me

Over the rainbow we'll fly
'Cause we'll dream forever
No more, no tears in your eyes
I wanna see you

Dancin' in my dreams
You're my destiny
Inside my heart no more lonely night
Dancin' in my dreams
Share your wish with me
And free forever we'll fly...
Dancin' in my dreams

Now take my hand
Feel my heart we'll spend the night together
Now follow my dreams and come to me