Dancing Crazy

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Dancing Crazy / D.Essex

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: D.Essex
Vocalist(s): Maurizio De Jorio
Writer(s): Andrea Leonardi
Producer(s): Andrea Leonardi
Label(s): Sinclairestyle



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Hey, I need you to let me say
I need you to let me go on
Come on

Now, you want me to show you how
You want me to take you higher, higher

In the heart of the night take your feet to the sky
Let the rhythm and DJ do the work

To the beat of a drum in the name of your fun
This is music takes you higher

Dancing crazy Moving is the law
One two, one two, show it to everybody
Let's go baby Let your power flow

Move it move it
Do it as I do it

Song, you're the one that I belong
You're the one that makes me reckless Breathless
Hands, shake'em reaching for the sky
Use 'em rock'n'rolling
Faster faster