Dance Around the Fire (Sioux)

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Dance Around the Fire / Sioux

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Sioux
Vocalist(s): Ignazio Simula
Writer(s): Roberto Gabrielli, Lorenzo Vignato
Producer(s): Roberto Gabrielli
Label(s): Roberto Gabrielli




Lost in to the jungle (what you can do)
There are many shadows (and dance around the fire)
Better find a shelter now (wherever you are)
Better find the right way (better you run)

The creepy sound of fear
Going through your head
No one can make it out
It's building up
And carrying you away

Break 'em loose and dance around the fire
The fire
Break 'em loose and dance around the lies
Keep 'em  strong as you move
Break 'em loose and dance around the fire
Every night always higher
Break 'em loose and dance until you brake away

Backed into a corner (what you can do)
Ready and excited (and dance around the fire)
Everybody's stalking me (wherever you are)
Better if I run away (better you run)