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Video Information

Type: International
Series: Diamond7
Date: May 13, 2011
Format: DVD

This video includes a message from Star Fire and a special performance from Terri and Ura.

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Track list

  1. Roses are Red / Aqua
    • Dancers: Lilly and Dan
  2. Stars in the Night / Solid Base
    • Dancers: Dan, Juno, and Tinoco
  3. Crazy / Strike Team
    • Dancers: Kiki and Rockman
  4. I Was Born to Love You / Worlds Apart
    • Dancers: Dan and Tinoco
  5. You Wanna Put Me Down / Stormy Seven
    • Dancers: Juno, Tinoco, and Kiki
  6. Talk to Me / Basic Element
    • Dancers: Terri, Dan and Tinoco
  7. Take Control / DJ Bobo
    • Dancers: Lilly and Kiki
  8. I'm Free / Mc Erik & Barbara
    • Dancers: Rockman, Kiki, and Dan
  9. Doctor Jones / Aqua
    • Dancers: Terri and Tinoco