Crazy (David Dima)

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Crazy / David Dima

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: David Dima
Vocalist(s): Davide Di Marcantonio
Writer(s): Davide Di Marcantonio, Sjoerd Vermaak
Producer(s): Davide Di Marcantonio, Nuanchan Chanthawongsa
Label(s): Dima Music




Living under pressure
This life is right for someone else
Dreaming of a new world
I wanna find a way to show myself

I don't know what is right for me
I don't have faight to believe
Running around like a crazy man with no name
(I'm really crazy)

Maybe an injection
I feel a power in my veins
Shambles in the action
In my head I've got a thousand why
It's so strange but I'm afraid
Of myself who is not the same
I'm running around like a crazy, don't ask me why!
I wanna be alone

It's all right
But you don't know my life, it's like the night
It should be an easy thing to satisfy
If we can be so crazy
I wanna show you that...

It's all right
But we have a little time in paradise
To feel more free and satisfied
Will be forever crazy

Come into my dream now
Follow me in this big big state of mind
Livin' on a fiction
Not every woman can live with me