Breaking the Law

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Breaking the Law / D.Essex

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: D.Essex
Vocalist(s): Maurizio De Jorio
Writer(s): Andrea Leonardi
Producer(s): Andrea Leonardi
Label(s): Sinclairestyle



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Welcome to the jungle
Squealing little boy
While the Lord is just breaking the law

Someone got your bundle
Come back to your toy
And we'll keep your heart placed in the wrong

You're impressed and no rebel at all
Only then you'll sell if troubles come
Always in the riot with your soul
Always ready, ready for the end

Breaking the law, breaking the law
Then we'll cross the line
Looking for place to hide
Breaking the law, breaking the law
A shiver in me
The feeling of me

Welcome to the cities
Squealing little men
Where the people is breaking the law

Athem for a second
Then I count to 10
And your workin weight too good to show