Big Boy (Baby Energy)

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Big Boy / Baby Energy

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Baby Energy
Vocalist(s): Sara Righetto
Writer(s): Ravenant, Vankeler
Producer(s): Ravenant, Vankeler
Label(s): Hi-Site



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I told you lies but now I'm sorry
I said goodbye boy, I'm missing you
Falling in love is hard for me
But I must confess I'm distressed

Baby forgive me 'cause I'm gonna lie anymore
Woh woh
Darling believe me I couldn't get out all alone
Oh no

Big boy big boy wanna feel your heart boy
Big boy big boy all night long
Big boy big boy let me be your sweet toy
Big boy big boy so take me up
Big boy big boy you're my only love boy
Big boy big boy my one and all
Big boy big boy just to give you my joy
Big boy big boy that's why I sing big boy

I'm not the same you know me that day
I try to change to make you stay
Feel like I give my life away
And you must say it's not too late