Besame Mucho

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Besame Mucho / Volta & Gabbana

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Volta & Gabbana
Vocalist(s): Claudio Magnani
Writer(s): Claudio Accatino, Federico Rimonti, Roberto Festari
Producer(s): Claudio Accatino, Federico Rimonti
Label(s): Hi-NRG Attack



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Kiss me time by time
Until you feel my vibration
(Come on baby, kiss me all night long)
I can feel delight
You touch me baby tonight
(Your sexy power set my heart on fire)

In my car, in the night
Get the energy
What a night, black and white
Colors of my dreams
Walk and fly, baby cry
Yes, I realize
The people do it crazy, my delight

Besame besame besame mucho
I need your body, dance around my body
Besame besame besame mucho
I need you honey, wake up for my sex tonight

Hold me tight tonight
Until you feel satisfaction
(Kiss me baby, make me feel all right)
Kiss me night by night
You need to feel my delight
(You get the power, set the beat on fire)