Bazooka Girl (song)

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Bazooka Girl / Bazooka Girl

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Bazooka Girl
Vocalist(s): Roberta Lertora
Writer(s): Claudio Accatino, Federico Rimonti, Roberto Festari, Andrea Girbaudo
Producer(s): Claudio Accatino, Federico Rimonti
Label(s): Hi-NRG Attack



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Come on baby, revolution
Lost in my reaction
Dancing like a Parapara star in Japan
My name is like a thunder
Baby, you can feel in danger
Bad illusion, hot confusion
Dancing all night

Eurobeat is over the top
I'm gonna excite tonight
Feel all right
I play the music on the fire
Eurobeat I'm singing for you
Will be the power of the night

Bazooka bazooka bazooka girl
I wanna rock the nation, baby
Boom boom fire!
Bazooka bazooka bazooka girl
You break into the rhythm, Japanese desire
Take me into the beat of the light
Dancing with bazooka girl

You can feel the power
Tokyo people, take me higher
Like a bad desire
Number one in Japan
I need a big emotion
On the stage you feel vibration
Burning to the music
Baby kiss me right now