Baby Besame

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Baby Besame / Doki Doki

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Doki Doki
Vocalist(s): Clara Moroni
Writer(s): Giordano Foglia, Clara Moroni
Producer(s): Laurent Gelmetti Newfield
Label(s): Delta Music Industry



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My nino de fuego
With your eyes you cut my heart in two
Dulce mi amante
Put your spain into my mind, mi corazon

Come on Hombre
Come on Hombre
Don't back up tonite cos aqui es tu mujer
Show me your love
So show me your hot desire, fire
You're burning for, come on

Baby baby besame
Yo quiero tu amor
Now I'm gonna want it all
Until the night is over

Baby baby besame
Yo quiero tu calor
And I really need all your love forever

My chico hermoso
Talk to me the language of your heart
Yo soy caliente
Use my heart to light a candle in the wind