All Is Magic (song)

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All Is Magic / Manuel

Song Information

Genre: Eurobeat
Artist: Manuel
Vocalist(s): Manuel Caramori
Writer(s): Manuel Caramori, Davide Di Marcantonio
Producer(s): Davide Di Marcantonio, Nuanchan Chanthawongsa
Label(s): Dima Music




Wake up in the morning
I'm thinkin' of you
Yesterday was the best tine
I feel so lonely
I'm looking for you
Tomorrow I want still be fine

Everyday is gonna be a party
'Cause you know the way to enjoy my body
Hot like the sun
It was made for give you fun...

All is magic
When I stay with you all is magic, yeah
Never stop baby, just say come on!
And the show must go on
All is magic
Everytime you smile
I go crazy yeah
Make me live the best days of my life...

Bad news from the school
They said I'm a fool...
It don't really matter
I dive in the swimming pool
Bikini makes you cool
I feel like a bull
Who wanna defying the sex rule

Everytime and everywhere
It's a love affair situation
'Cause we gotta much to share
It's the only thing we care!!